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  Mali Losinj


 The town of   Mali Losinj stretches on 223km2 and includes the south part of the island of Cres, from and Koromacno bay i  Ustrine, the island of Lošinj and a group of smaller islands and islets: Unije, Ilovik, Susak, Male i Vele Srakane and a number of small uninhibited islets. With a population of 7000 people,   Mali Losinj is the biggest town of the arhipelago and among other Adriatic islands. The town itself lies in the Augusta bay, the biggest in this archipelago. Due to the favourable geographic position, the port is very important for the nautical tourism because it is on the waterway that connects Istria with Dalmatia.

 Along the whole island you can see thick pinewoods which are the symbol of the island. The most famous bay is Cikat (used to be called
Cigale), where the tourist tradition started developing. It is known for its numerous villas, mostly built in Austrian-Hungarian architectural style and their beautiful gardens.

Besides Cikat, where there is also one of the most beautiful beaches, there is also
Suncana uvala, Krivica and Valdarke.
The new renovated town square and the waterfront claded in white stone are a nice sight to see, especially during summer months.




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