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Daily excursions

Susak - the sand island

SusakSand and cane prevailing on the island make it unique in the Adriatic. The island is known for its distinctive folk costume in bold colors and its wine - growing tradition. It is small - you can walk all the way around it. Make sure you visit the local cemetery and church, taverns and the wine - tasting room.


Ilovik - the island of flowers

IlovikBecause of its position and protected harbor, it is favored by navigators. Beautifully cultivated gardens are the reason why they call it “the island of flowers”. Make sure you visit seafood restaurants and taverns by the sea.


Unije - second biggest island of the Lošinj archipelago

UnijeThe island is a fusion of contrasts - high and rocky north part and low and fertile south part. The original Mediterranean architecture is among the best preserved ones in the region. Make sure you visit St. Andrew’s (Sv. Andrija) church, gallery, olive mill “Torć”, and taverns by the sea.

Other than that there are numerous bays, coves and inlets offering many possibilities for one day excursions by boats, by speedboats which you can rent at our agency. The most attractive islands are for sure Unije, Susak and Ilovik. For sea and undersea lovers fishing and diving excursions are organised by many of our excursion boats. Hiking tours are organised, too. The most enjoyable walks are along the sea-shore through the pinewoods, shady groves, on winding footpaths and hiking trails as well as the picturesque villages with well preserved rular architecture, characterized by narrow streets and squares. Make sure to see the island from the air as well on our panoramic flights, for a full and unforgettable impression of the island.

You can get all the information about the organised flights in our agency.

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